Ready to Fail
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 10 June, 2010
Playing time: 73:37

I was actually looking for another band: Caligula's Horse when I by accident stumbled across Quandary. I listened to a couple of songs and was convinced at once!

And to discover that they are unsigned was an even bigger surprise because this has to be one of the most complete and innovative progressive metal debuts I've heard in a very long time. "Ready to Fail" impresses the Hell out of me; the technical level is very high and the song writing is amazing. The album is a jaw-dropping experience for any progressive metal freak and I was in awe the first time I'd heard the album from start to finish. All I wanted was to push play again and get even deeper into the sonic universe of Quandary.

Sure they have their Dream Theater references as well as some Spock's Beard and Pink Floyd, but one thing is for sure; they do not fail in any way! Failing are the A&R executives who still have to get them signed! Still in doubt then I suggest you take a listen to a song like the epic album closer: "Stepping Stones", one of the best and most complete long-tracks I've had the pleasure of listening to for quite some time. But the rest of the material is equally brilliant... so what are you waiting for?

You can download this masterpiece from their website, you decide the price!


01. Out of Time (4:25)
02. Illusion of Progress (8:54)
03. Umbra (4:34)
04. Ready to Fail (2:26)
05. Waiting for Change (5:23)
06. Penumbra (5:08)
07. Disconnect (9:36)
08. Cloud Shapes (12:23)
Stepping Stones (20:20)

Label: Independent
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Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 4 June, 2011
Website: www.quandaryband.com