Green Naugahyde
Style: Primus music
Release date: 12 September, 2011
Playing time: 52:00

The first time I went to a festival was in 1991. I had just completed upper secondary level and was about to conquer the world. My mate Hans and I went to the Roskilde Festival here in Denmark, first and foremost because Iron Maiden were on the bill, secondly because an in Denmark little known US band called Primus would also play there. Yes, we actually went to a three day mud hell to see two bands! Can you imagine. As a bonus, Artillery and the Sisters of Mercy also played there, but that's another story.
Needless to say, Primus were brilliant. Quirky and odd as hell, but absolutely brilliant. I clearly remember this Dutch guy standing next to me in the first row.
He'd travelled to Denmark only to see Primus. He was a fucking pest as well, almost screaming my eardrums out. But let that rest now.
What's important now is that Primus is back. It's been eleven years since the last studio album, so for Primus fans this one really hits a dry spot. If you're one of those who describe the trio as quirky, odd, brilliant, funky, ingenious and amazing, you won't be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you're one of those who'd describe Primus as obnoxious and ridiculous, your prejudice will be confirmed. 'Green Naugahyde' is all that!
What Les Claypool, Larry Lalonde and Jay Lane have created is something I can best describe as old school Primus, even if that would seem like a contradiction in terms.
What I mean is this: The feel is more 'Frizzle Fry' than anything else. A track like The Hennepin Crawler could easily have been from the first album that for many of us was such a revelation back in the day. In that sense, 'Green Naugahyde' is a bit like coming home.
Also, there is, as we're accustomed to with Les Claypool no matter where he crops up, amazing musicianship in abundance on this album. The technical details are overwhelming, and you can let yourself be sucked into the bass noodling if that's your fetisch.
That said, someone like me craves a straight-ahead hit song, a Too Many Puppies, a My Name is Mud, a Lacquer Head, just one, please, even from a Primus album. I kind of miss that from 'Green Naugahyde', which tends to have the character of a dark, introvert jam session in many instances, even if The Hennepin Crawler, Eternal Consumption Engine and Last Salmon Man almost have the hit factor. This is less in your face and, I think, darker than any of the previous Primus albums.
Still, I can't help listening. Primus always was and probably always will be an intriquing phenomenon in rock music, and I can only love this band to bits and take the time with their albums - something that is definitely not the case with any band. Primus is an odd size in the music business, and one that the world shouldn't be without.


01. Prelude To A Crawl
02. Hennepin Crawler
03. Last Salmon Man
04. Eternal Consumption Engine
05. Tragedy’s a’ Comin’
06. Eyes Of The Squirrel
07. Jilly’s On Smack
08. Lee Van Cleef
09. Moron TV
10. Green Ranger
12. Extinction Burst
13. Salmon Men

Label: Prawn Song
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 2 September, 2011