Power Beyond
Two Forces Opposed (EP)
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 35:12

Perhaps you remember the tech-thrash band ANNIHILATIONMANCER and the brain behind it – Bruno Masulli… He rushed into plenty projects and POWER BEYOND is one of them. Yet in 2006 the band recorded a demo containing two of the songs presented in this debut EP.


The style of ‘Two Forces Opposed’ reminds of the rich works of bands like ICED EARTH or RAGE. Here are the thrash guitars developed in heavy melody with clear vocals. Everyone who has heard ANNIHILATIONMANCER could find the similarities. The mix of thrash riffs of SEVENTH ANGEL and MEKONG DELTA kind  with the melodies of SAXON, METAL CHURCH and ELIXIR – is what the guys offer now. The compositions are reach and long. Their complex structure melts different passages of interesting transitions.


POWER BEYOND have their own style but they did not find their own face as a band. Masulli is still obsessed by the music of his thrash band. Mixing elite thrash with HWOBHM has not achieved the expected quality in the power metal realm. Frequently the compositions sound as ANNIHILATIONMANCER but with too much melodies and too soft vocal lines. There is a necessity of drawing a border between the genders of the two projects and making clearer the concept of POWER BEYOND.


As a whole this EP is progressive power metal with wide inventions and rich contents. This is music born in no one’s heavy/thrash lands from which we expect to choose a path.



The Stregth


Spiritual Sculpture Complex


Conceived (In Itself the Reason to Exist)


Reverence to Human Fate


The Power Beyond (Instrumental)

Label: Self-Released
Distribution: --
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 13 December, 2011
Website: www.powerbeyond.it