Pain of Salvation
Road Salt Two
Style: Progressive Melodic Metal
Release date: 26 September, 2011
Playing time: 53:41

Since 1997 Pain of Salvation has released several albums that have placed them in the forefront of Scandinavian progressive metal. Road Salt Two is of course the follow up album to last year’s Road Salt One. I would say that it is probably best to have heard Road Salt One before this one but I will however try to review this one as a separate piece of music since the two albums has been released as two independent albums.

Old fans will find themselves on familiar ground with this album even if the band has managed to evolve and thus make an album that seems new and interesting at the same time or to quote the press material: “It basically serves as a perfect breed between ‘old’ and ‘new’ PAIN OF SALVATION, while also presenting a different and previously unheard PAIN OF SALVATION”. To capture the essence of the album I would say that progressive metal with a strong 70’s vibe is what is served here and it is done with masterful skill. It must be stated however that this is an album that is not too easy to get into but if you give it a few spins you will be rewarded with a stunning progressive listening experience.  

Pain of Salvation is going on a tour in the last three months of 2011 to support the album. If you like progressive metal or progressive rock I can only recommend you to buy this album and go see them live.


01. Road Salt Theme (0:44)
02. Softly She Cries (4:15)
03. Conditioned (4:15)
04. Healing Now (4:29)
05. To the Shoreline (3:03)
06. Eleven (6:55)
07. 1979 (2:52)
08. The Deeper Cut (6:10)
09. Mortar Grind (5:46)
10. Through the Distance (2:56)
11. The Physics of Gridlock (8:43)
12. End Credits (3:25)

Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 51/100
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: 18 September, 2011