Devilmentertainment Non-Stop
Style: Industrialized Extreme Metal
Release date: 13 July, 2011
Playing time: 47:00

In many ways I deeply respect those who believe so much in their music and vision that they, even if the rest of the band abondon them along the way, continue their quest. It shows a determination that is very metal, and it shows a self-confidence that many of us could learn from.

There's a flip-side to that coin, of course. There those one-man projects that are one-man projects simply because it's hard to find someone that'll buy into the deal. Simply because the quality of the music isn't good enough. This is probably the case with Plutonium.

Although I can see where Swede J. Carlsson is heading with this industrial metal, he doesn't quite cut it. Out of the 47 minutes this album lasts, there are 20 seconds of Carcass inspired slow grind during the title track that make me go 'yes, that's fucking it!', and, needless to say, that's just not enough.

The rest of the album ranges from being totally boring (Peace Keeper and Hell Is All Around) to alright, but uneventful blackened thrash metal with an industrial twist, void of bright, new ideas.

Conclusion: 20 seconds of joy and a funny album title doesn't make a good album.


01. A Tribute to the Tools of the Cosmic Abortionist
Devilmentertainment Non-Stop
Peace Keeper
The Misery King
Unintelligent Design
Zero Swarm
Nuclear War Incense
Det Döda Exemplets Makt (Two Minute Hate Part II)
Hell Is All Around

Label: Independent
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 25/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 30 August, 2011