Style: Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: 8 April, 2011
Playing time: 45:10

After releasing the 5-track EP 'Pequod' in 2004, this is their first full length. No idea why it took so long before they finally is releasing a full length, but it was worth waiting for. Pequod is a band that combines thrash with death and they have songs with nice riffs and lots of aggression. " Death" is an aggressive thrash song, but on "Sickness" you can hear several parts that are more death metal oriented; slower parts with low grunts.

Next track "Tragedy" is a fast track that combines chainsaw thrash riffs with fast drumming parts. "To Depart" starts with drums that sound like a machine gun, after which the track hammers away in mid tempo. Halfway they slow down again and sound like Unleashed or At The Gates in their best days. Sometimes you hear similarities with the 'Heartwork' album from Carcass, especially in the riffs. "Forgotten" is a typical Swedish death metal song, slow tempo with low grunts. Most of the songs are thrash songs with death influences, but this a pure death metal song.

If you want to buy a heavy thrash album with lots of death metal influences, you have to get this new Pequod record; it is the perfect mix between thrash and death. Brutal, fast and aggressive all together.


01. Bleed
02. Death
03. Sickness
04. Tragedy
05. To Depart
06. A Vortical Experience
07. Forgotten
08. My Redemption
09. Life's a Lie
10. A Hunter's Tale

Label: Thunderblast Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 11 April, 2011