Last Rites
Style: Hard rock/Doom
Release date: 14 April, 2011
Playing time: 44:18

In the year 1971, when a lot of you readers were still semen jumping up and down with your dad, this band was formed. Bobby Liebling was one of the founders and he is back. He is clean and a new born Christian, but that didn't keep him from making yet another good album. If you want to know what all happened between 1971 and today, I suggest you to look it up on Wikipedia. I will stick to the music on the new album.

Pentagram is one of the founders of doom metal, combining 70's hard rock with doomy, sludgy and slow riffs with a taste for melody. You can call them cult if you like. This album is more back to the roots than their 2004 album 'Show'em All'. With the return of guitarist Victor Griffin (Place of Skulls) there is more melody back in the songs. Again the band has created a heavy and dark sound with sludgy riffs. The perfect soundtrack for those who hate happy metal so to say. Vocalist Bobby Liebling is at his best and has found new inspiration. If you think that Trouble, Saint Vitus and Kyuss got their inspiration only from Black Sabbath, you have to listen to Pentagram. This is an album that has to be in your collection if you are into doomy 70's inspired hard rock.

Their 40th anniversary is celebrated with this new release and it is almost disrespectful to give a band with such a history a rating for their new album, because who am I to judge such a cult band?


01. Treat Me Right
02. Call the Man
03. Into the Ground
04. 8
05. Everything's Turning to Night
06. Windmills and Chimes
07. American Dream
08. Walk in Blue Light
09. Horseman
10. Death in 1st Person
11. Nothing Left

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 6 April 2011