Style: Hard Rock 
Release date: 15 October, 2010
Playing time: 42:08

So that's what you get when you mix; blues, soul, hard rock and AC/DC ?! huh.

This is.... well it's all right I guess, but that is about as good as it gets. The music is pretty decently executed and the vocals are not bad, but try as they might, On-Off mostly comes off as a diluted AC/DC cover band. no big ups or downs. From time to time they drift into a sound reminiscent of eighties hair rock, Whitesnake and such, but again that's all they manage. They kind of sound like a good band, just played through a concrete wall. Not entirely in the realm of good, but sorta standing on the border.


01. Ribcrasher (3:49)
02. Rockin' Blood (3:49)
03. It's Hard To Break Me (3:59)
04. Nasty Rhythm (4:14)
05. Come on Baby (4:22)
06. I'm a Shooter (5:24)
07. Seven (4:29)
08. I Don't Bite (3:53)
09. Steamroller Blues (4:06)
10. Let Me Play My Stuff (3:39)

Label: Pino Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Andy Wolfe
Date: 14 January, 2011
Website: www.on-offband.com