Style: Atmospheric Doom
Release date: 1 September, 2011
Playing time: 95:47

“Repose” – the debut album from Norwegian band Omit – forms part of the first portfolio of releases from rookie label Secret Quarters. If it is a valid portent of what lay ahead for the label, then the outlook is an optimistic one. Which is far from what can be said for the 4 tormented souls that form Omit…..

At the outset it must be said that “Repose” is anything but conventional and will require the listener’s right frame of mind and a good deal of focus to be truly appreciated. Crucially, however, there is indeed much to be appreciated here, starting from the dramatic voice of mezzo-soprano Cecile Langlie who has an unassuming yet immediately captivating style. Overall the music is highly emotional with strong hints of Isole, While Heaven Wept and My Dying Bride. Despite these connections, fans of the aforementioned bands will identify a distinct style.

Spread over 2 discs, the 5 songs in this release are veeery long – there’s even one song (‘Insolence’) that lasts just under half an hour. Eccentric? Maybe, but, having heard the album a number of times over, I realise that this is the format really fits the music best. Speaking of ‘Insolence’ I loved the way Omit used cellos, violins and operatic choirs to create an almost ethereal atmosphere. Within the same song, the acoustic guitar arpeggios have an uplifting kind of melancholy to them. ‘Fatigue’ turned out to be another favourite of mine, due in part to its collage of melodies which simultaneously manage to sound both Classical and contemporary.

One aspect of the music I found somewhat awkward was the atonal chord progressions which felt a tad off kilter to the way Cecile would be singing. Perhaps an ingrained notion on musical structure would account for this observation and I’ll get used to it with a few more spins of the discs.

Not to be heard while handling sharp objects or standing on the edge of a cliff, this is destined to become a superior cult release of the genre.


01. Scars (16:16)
02. Fatigue (14:37)
03. Dissolve (14:13)
04. Constriction (14:39)
05. Insolence (26:02)

Label: Secret Quarters
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 10 September, 2011