In Bondage to the Serpent
Style: Evil stuff
Release date: 14 October, 2011
Playing time: 44:00

I believe it's fair to say that NunFuckRitual falls into the super-group category. Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth/S.O.D) is on board, and so is Teloch (Nidinge/Mayhem), as well as  Esben Hangård (Altaar) and Andreas Jonsson (Tyrant).

The style...well, it's like slow- to mid-paced black metal with doom elements. NunFuckRitual have definitely set out to create something black and evil, and in that respect they have succeeded.

Albeit there is something haunting and genuinely evil about the entire album, 'In Bondage to the Serpent' never takes me to a point where it really captivates. Throughout the 44 minutes this album lasts, I feel genuinely bored and just want to skip to the next track. Which doesn't really purport any relief; One song more or less fits seamlessly into the next, thus forming a long, bulky interface of music which is hard to find a way into, even with several listens.

For fans of black music with little variation.


1 - Theotokos (07:21)
2 - Komodo Dragon, Mother Queen (06:55)
3 - Christotokos (08:47)
4 - Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore (07:55)
5 - Parthenogen (07:35)
6 - In Bondage to the Serpent (06:15)

Label: Debemur Morti
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 26 November, 2011
Website: NunFuckRitual@MySpace