Smokey the Salmon and the Horney Mermaids
Style: Metal/punk/hard/rock/core
Release date: 1 August, 2011
Playing time: 43:01

The world already has the Sultans and now Denmark has the Satans of Swing. That the band is fond of strange and funny titles is a fact. Off course you can't only exist by having nice titles, the music has to appeal too. The band consists of the Erlendsson brothers together with members of Hatesphere and Daniel Lohmann on bass. The label Mighty Music hasn't disappointed me with weak releases and this is once more a decent one. It is not the best the label has released; therefore the music of Numbnuts is not original enough.

The band mixes hardcore with thrash riffs and has a punk attitude. The vocals are hardcore-like varied with some cleaner ones. The songs have a rather fucked-up drive and they keep the tempo high for most of the time. Modern thrash combined with Madball-like swinging rhythms. After listening to it a few times you'll discover that the band is more than funny titles. The songs are rather keen and clever made and this band certainly isn't just a good joke - we have to take them seriously.

Fans of modern thrash and metal core certainly have to take a listen. One phrase out of a song will give you an idea what to expect from the lyrics: 'Smokey grabbed a mermaid, five at a time, six at a time'.  After the song, you wish you were Smokey. You are warned!


01. Giddyup
02. Satans of Swing
03. Endless Guilt Trip
04. SexSexSex
05. Deaf to Brutality
06. Modern Metal Cliché
07. Pay for This
08. The Shorty Song
09. The Legend of Smokey the Salmon and the Horny Mermaids

Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 21 July, 2011