Style: Thrash Core
Release date: 2007
Playing time: 31:27

The youthful enthusiasm of David Pennesi (guitar) and Davide Poddesu (drums) founded a band which is on stage more than ten years. As a result of these 10 years long efforts now they present their full length debut.

The aggressive guitar sound leads us through thrash riffs reminding SEPULTURA. Fast, middle tempo and slow parts tore at places to demonstrate influences from PANTERA as well. The rhythm of the drums frequently is non-common measured and complex. But there is a total lack of drum transitions between the different rhythms in the songs. The result is that some of the songs hang down and the guitar makes the transitions which does not leave us with good impressions of the drummer’s abilities. The vocalist Daniele Cristiano is rather influenced by the modern hardcore scene and even by the death metal which makes the sound heavier but at the same time somehow monotonous.

The tracks in oppositions are the program one ‘Nofuck’ and the eponymous of the debut ‘Existenzminimum’. The first one is pure aggression and although it has lots of transitions it also has many fast right parts in almost punk style. The second one is emphasized more melodic but does not sound in pieces. The vocalist has found the precise balance of singing here. The gender is closer to the melodic Scandinavian death metal and at the same time to tech-thrash archetypes.

The last track in the album (as well as the band’s latest live shows) is much more influenced by the modern metal and hardcore. The lack of drum transitions and the disunited guitar sound are their main faults on stage as well.

Recently NOFUCK have added a second guitar player. The songs for their next album are almost ready. In my opining they have to work on their faults and to focus their efforts to sign a contract. Each of the musicians is too free in his performance. Someone should know where to the band is going, because the imitation of different styles is under the level of NOFUCK.


01.  Nofuck
  Shattered Dreams
  In Hail
  Australian Girl
  Why Me?

Label: Unsigned
Distribution: Distributor
Artwork rating: xx/100 (Optional)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 8 January, 2011