No sky Today
No Sky Today
Style: Progressive Hard Rock
Release date: 24 August, 2011
Playing time: 48:24

The founding members of this band are Wayne Findlay on guitars/keyboards and Paul Jones on Vocals. The first is known from the Michael Schenker group and Paul from the bands Robot Lords and Tokyo. Wayne started as a guitar technician for John Norum and Jennifer Batten and he played keyboards on the 1999 live album of Vinnie Moore. Some might know him from his first band Slavior too. With Scotty Philips (ex Waysted) on drums and Kelly Garni (ex Quiet Riot) on bass they recorded this record. In the meanwhile the band line up has changed and Joe Viers was recruited for the bass and B. Rad Dettmer on drums.

With the Michael Schenker Group Wayne always played the second violin, but on this album he can show what he is capable of on guitar and keys. Another talent he shows is the ability to write good songs. I couldn't find a weak one on this album. The music is hard rock with a progressive touch, some modern influences and a little bit of metal vibe. The guitar riffs are rather heavy and the music sometimes reminds me of a band called Skintrade. Especially the heavy riffs are responsible for that. Paul has a nice voice with a rough edge and he fits the style perfectly. Strong melodies go hand in hand with catchy choruses and good guitar solos. "Final Hour" has a nice bass line that carries the song. One of the songs I like the most is "Pieces", a song that has all the the elements in it; nice guitar riffs, melody, aggression and emotional vocals.

A very nice record which offers a lot for everyone that is into the harder rock genre.


01. No Sky Today
02. She's On Fire
03. Final Hour
04. Heavy is the Debt
05. Another Goodbye
06. Escape
07. Break Up
08. Intermezzo
09. Real Life
10. Into the Sun
11. Pieces                                                         12. Gear Grinder

Label: Capital City Music Factory
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 30 September, 2011