Somewhere in California
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 17 June, 2011
Playing time: 54:24

Maybe you've already heard the single track "Growin' Up in California," as there been a video out on YouTube for a while. It's a really catchy song where Night Ranger mixes their rock influences, such as Styx, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. It's a strong song that really is a worthy introduction and that creates a tension for the rest of the album.

The songs chosen come with more melody, and with a little harder touch than what I expected from NR. Good choruses and powerful guitars makes my corner of the mouth begins to pull itself up.
"Lay it on me" is probably one of the hardest songs they have released in many years. Night Ranger plays what they do best, pure hard rock n roll made the Californian way with an expiration date that is far into the future. The ballad "Time of Our Lives" begins quietly and neatly with only a piano but will rise in power towards the end. "It's Not Over" is also one of the rockier of the songs I enjoyed a little more on 'Somewhere in California'.

Did you like NR in the 80's and didn't like the later discs they've released, then this is an obvious buying for you, and bring to all the rock parties this summer or just put it in the IPod just for your own pleasure. Personally, I have my favorites among the 6 first songs, but of course they have chosen their track selection right, because here there is much enjoyable offense for us AOR /Melodic Rock fans.

Maybe not a groundbreaking or classic album, but a good and stable craftsmanship from the experienced members of Night Ranger. They show on this album that they have many good songs left to deliver (hopefully) in the future.


01: Growin' Up In California
02: Lay It On Me
03: Bye Bye Baby (Not Tonight)
04: Follow Your Heart
05: Time Of Our Lives
06: No Time To Lose Ya
07: Live For Today
08: It's Not Over
09: End Of The Day
10: Rock N' Roll Tonite
11: Say It With Love

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 25 June, 2011