Style: Death Metal
Release date: 2 May, 2011
Playing time: 44:00

Earlier today I listened to Nervecell's first album, 'Preaching Venom' (2009), and when I now relisten to 'Psychogenocide', I realize just how big strides this trio from Dubai (yes Dubai!) have made in the course of those two years. It's...I don't know, a bit like the difference from 'Schizophrenia' to 'Beneath the Remains'!

When we make a status in 2012 and look back upon the 2011, 'Psychogenocide' will be in the top ten of death metal albums. I'll bet you that. And this comes from a man who never bets! Everyone into Nile, Morbid Angel, Immolation and the like have to check this out, because it's just a bloody cool album.

You shouldn't buy it because it's the first death metal album ever to feature lyrics in both Arabic and English, and you shouldn't buy it simply because of the curiousity of the band originating from Dubai, no, you should buy it for the very simple reason that it slays.

'nuff said.


01. Anemic Assurgency
02. Upon An Epidemic Scheme
03. All Eyes On Them
04. Amok Doctrine
05. Psychogenocide
06. Imprint
07. Shunq (To The Despaired...King Of Darkness)
08. The Taste Of Betrayal
09. Driven By Nescience
10. Nation's Plague

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 16 April, 2011