Style: Medieval funk
Release date: 18 November, 2011
Playing time: 51:18

This, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing less than a candidate for my 'Worst Album of 2011'. The promo letter wants to sell 'Lauf!' as 'medieval/folk rock' - something I don't mind at all, as regular readers of this site will know.
What I do mind is that this more than anything sounds like a radio play from a German local radio with an at times funky bass in the background. Jawohl, the story revolves around a medieval theme, but that's as close to medieval as it gets. Folk? There is a short passage of the tune 'Nefacio (Die Hymne) that reminds me a bit of Runrig, but other than that; NO!
The idea of making an album with just bass and drums is fine, but it does have its obvious limitations, and the guilty party behind this release, Baba Hail, seems not to have noticed, and neither have the fairly renowned guest musicians Bodenski (SUBWAY TO SALLY), Der Morgenstern (Ex- IN EXTREMO) and Buzz Dee (KNORKATOR). Very odd.
Under a different moniker, with a different concept, with a guitar and most certainly without the amateur theatrics, this might have worked.
As it is, it most definitely doesn't!


01. Das Gesetz
02. Frei sein
03. Kopf ab
04. Nie mehr
05. Flucht
06. Der Ring
07. Lauf!
08. Der Kampf
09. Nefacio (Hymne)
10. Das Versprechen
11. Irgendwo
12. Leben
13. Ai vis lo lop
14. Der Weg (Alléz oh, oh ,oh)
15. Kein blick zurück
16. No more [Bonustrack]

Label: Nicrothal Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 35/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 10 October, 2011