The Third Antichrist
Style: Black Metal
Release date: 21 February, 2011
Playing time: 44:20

Without changes in the line up and with no music development the third album of NECROPHOBIC is a continuation of their second one… after a pause of two years. ‘The Third Antichrist” has no impressing cover like its predecessor and it is again aggressive black metal.

The encroachment of keyboards, melodies and orchestrations in the gender is avoided deliberately by some bands. So the three DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK and NECROPHOBIC form the nucleus of the primary aggressive black metal in Sweden. This is one hard concept which will become later battle black metal.


The album starts with infarct – a keyboard introduction! This tease holds the tension if you listen the CD for the first time. But till the end of the release the quartet presents its aggressive guitar sound with no compromises and no slowing down the tempo. Like ‘Darkside’ (1997) I would not say that ‘The Third Antichrist’ distinguishes with originality. These are successful black metal songs with a little bit nave lyrics, presented in a trivial packaging.


I am sure that there were crowds of fans in 1999 who considered NECROPHOBIC as № 1. I will not doubt that they are a band up the middle level from a contemporary point of view. But I am embarrassed by the lack of clear signature in their music. However this is not an obstacle to enter some refinements proposed through this re-release by Hammerheart Records.


01. Rise of the Infernal

02. The Third of Arrivals

03. Frozen Empire

04. Into Armageddon

05. Eye of the Storm

06. The Unhallowed

07. Isaz

08. The Throne of Souls Possessed

09. He Who Rideth In Rage

10. Demonic

11. One Last Step Into the Great Mist

Label: Hammerheart Records
Distribution: Hammerheart Records
Artwork rating: 49/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 25 February, 2011