Neal Morse
Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles
Style: Prog Rock
Release date: 28 November, 2011
Playing time: 59:12 + 47:44 + 80:24

If you either are looking for a close to perfect look at the highlights of Neal Morse's solo career, is a die-hard hardcore fan and have to have everything he takes part in or if you need an introduction to his work, then this is the place to look - others should probably steer clear of this triple CD and 2 DVD package.

I do not think it's a big secret that Neal Morse is one of my favorite recording artists and that I might have some trouble staying objective when I write about him and his music! And we don't even share the same religious views, no this is solely based on the music and the feelings his songs bring up in me.

And this release has in my humble opinion the quality to be considered a prog rock milestone; they are performing the complete "Testimony 2", have picked the best of the best from the back catalogue, deliver a first-class live performance, are enjoying themselves on stage and the sound is very good - all you can wish for from a Neal Morse live album.

But again; this is a huge fan praising one of his favorite artists, so do take a listen (or a view if you like) before you decide on your own! I for one will be playing these albums over and over again...

Disc One
01. Lifeline
02. Leviathan
03. The Separated Man
04. Sola Scriptura
Disc Two
01. Seeds of Gold
02. Testimony I (Part 5)
03. Reunion

Disc Three

01. Testimony 2
Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 28 December, 2011