My Dying Bride
Style: Classical music/doom opera
Release date: 30 May, 2011
Playing time: 45:00 + 41:00

Is 2011 the year when the genre giants stir things up? After the Morbid Angel stunt, I suppose nothing ought to be able to surprise, but still... The doom metal kings My Dying Bride putting out something like this wasn't quite one I had seen coming.

My Dying Bride never was a band known for standing still and letting the marketeers brand them entirely. And this certainly cements that notion. Old themes and tunes have been reworked to the point where they have nothing to do with the originals. New instrumentation, new lyrics (if any) and new titles. No crushing guitars of doom, but the violin is back and then there's of course the wonderful voice of French soprano Lucie Roche.

If all you can hear is metal, then you might as well turn around and walk away from this right now. You're NOT going to be amused.

If, on the other hand, you like musicians to try out new territory and do things they feel like doing, and if you're a fan of dark and sombre music in any form then I'd urge you to read on.

My Dying Bride along with Bal-Sagoth keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling have created a masterpiece of mood music. Beautiful, haunting and dark, 'Evinty' calls for recollection and sinking into an armchair with your headphones on. Think classical music in the Michael Nyman vein, opera, Mike Oldfield without the guitars, Jean-Michel Jarre when he's at his gloomiest, some of the shrill moments of Dead Can Dance and Clannad's 'Atlantic Realm' album, you're pretty much there. This is very, very moody stuff indeed and if it leaves you untouched, then I'd say you're as dead as a slab of rock.

What a way to celebrate a 20th anniversay! Amazing and beautiful!


Evinta I
In Your Dark Pavilion
You Are Not The One Who Loves Me
Of Lilies Bent With Tears
The Distance, Busy With Shadows
Of Sorry Eyes In March

Evinta II
Vanité Triomphante
That Dress And Summer Skin
And Then You Go
A Hand Full Of Awful Rewards

Label: Peaceville
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 27 June, 2011