Drudging the Dire
Style: Doom
Release date: February, 2011
Playing time: 72:00

I've honestly not been sure how I'd tackle this. This music really gets to me, and not really in a pleasant way. It's downright creepy! The word tortuous is used in the promo material, and I tend to agree. Don't get me wrong; it's not torture in the sense that this is noise. No, it's in fact quite beautiful.

The thing is, metal can be dark and brutal and grim. But most of the time, it's in a comic book kind of way. Cannibal Corpse, I mean, it's really just a horror comic book. This stuff, though, it sounds so...serious.

It's downright haunting.

And eventhough it is now late here in my hotel room in Enfield, Connecticut, and I have to get up early tomorrow because I have meetings, I know that I have stay up a bit longer and listen to something else after these 72 minutes of darkness pure. If I don't, I won't be able to fall asleep. I can sense it in my bones.

You could argue that I'm too sensible and a softie, but, hey, so be it - fact is that these two Brits are onto something that is nerve shattering if you're in the right mood. As disburbing as the artwork of the accompanying CD booklet, actually.

If I have bad dreams tonight, I know whom to blame, that's for sure.


1- Processional : Drudging The Mire
2- I, Rodent
3- Faceless
4- World
5- Electric Womb
6- The Mighty Spires
7- Speak
8- Berceuse : Slow Immersion

Label: Aesthetic Death
Promotion: Vast & Void Promotion
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 17 March, 2011