Mountain Throne
Serpent's Heathland
Style: Doom/Heavy Metal
Release date: 23 October, 2010
Playing time: 22:00

Released as a 12# vinyl EP only, 'Serpent's Heathland' could turn out to be a collector's gem.

The inspiration for German MountainThrone reaches a fair bit back in time. Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Trouble are all clearly detected in the five songs that make up the EP. This is traditional heavy metal the way it was played in the seventies and eighties, with the addition of a large dose of doom. Clean vocal, bass, guitar, drums, a perfectly classic set up, and it works like a charm.

I'm sure this will mostly satisfy old farts like myself (and older), but younger generations could easily use this as an introduction to the genre.

Nice one!


01. Altar of Reason
Serpent's Heathland
The Forest
The Merry Men


Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Cyclone Empire
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 18 March, 2011
Website: MountainThrone @MySpace