Empire of Souls
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 9 September, 2011
Playing time: 56:05

An album I have been looking forward to, but after the first spin I was disappointed. Were my expectations too high? No, because with the albums 'Imaginarium' (2002) and 'Domination' (2004) they set the bar very high. These albums were excellent power metal albums and not easy to top. Why the disappointment then? Two things, the first and most important one, are the vocals.

Stefan Petersson left the band and was replaced by former Rising Faith singer Kristian Wallin. One of the best parts of the 2 former albums was the outstanding vocals by Stefan and new singer Kristian can't compete with him. Kristian is an average singer, but certainly not more than that. Stefan was one of the better singers and his vocals were one of the main reasons for Morifade to be one of the better bands in the power metal genre. Now he is gone and the music has to make the difference and I get the idea that the songs are not as strong as on the two mentioned albums. If this has something to do with the departure of guitarist Jesper Johansson, I don't no. He wrote a few songs on the other albums, but so did Robin Arnell (guitars) and Henrik Weimedal (bass) and they are still in the band.

What's left is a bunch of decent power metal songs, well played, well produced, but rather average. Why Stefan left the band I don't know, but with new singer Kristian the band made a step backwards and I don't think that is what they wanted. If my source is right, it seems that Stefan is playing blues in a band called Mother James, please get him back on the metal track and back in Morifade so then next album will be much better.


01. Bleeding For Lust
02. A Cry From Void
03. Come In Blood
04. Fear Breeder
05. My Silent Serenade
06. Road of Deception
07. Resemblance of Hate
08. Impact of Vanity
09. Strength in Solitude
10. The Dark Resignation
11. A Sinister Mind (Ltd edit.)

Label: IceWarrior Records
Distribution: Rock It Up Records
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 September, 2011