Memento Waltz
Antithesis of Time
Style: Progressive Jazz Metal
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 30:00

Kenn, archlord of, sent me a mail with a MySpace link and the usual quote: "This might be something for you". I listened to a few notes of the promo CD "Antithesis of Time" and answered Kenn: "Yes! Ja! Oui!". I could have added "Si!", Memento Waltz is from Tempio Pausania, North of Sardinia.

One of the favorite metal styles of your humble servant is what you can call Daezz (Death AND Jazz) and more generally creative metal, with jazz and progressive touch: that brings me to a high! When you talk about Cynic, Atheist, Gordian Knot, Watchtower, Aghora, Exivious, Spiral Architect and many more, I am there. If you like King Crimson too, that will be just fine. Memento Waltz is a member of this club.

Passion does not (always) mean blindness or deafness, and many bands I heard could show technique, and just technique, without musicality. Here, it is NOT the case.

Memento Waltz started in '94, first with Heavy Metal, then year after year, evolved to Progressive Jazz Metal. You can really hear and feel how experienced the band is in terms of song writing and structure. Livio Poier (guitars), Giuseppe Deiana (bass) and Gabriele Maciocco (drums) have technique, virtuosity, but their compositions are not hermetic. On the contrary, it flows, punctuated with fine breaks, bridges, solos. And what about Marco Piu? His voice is a kind of DNA mix between Rob Halford and Kelly Shaefer and matches the music perfectly.

I know this is not mainstream music you can sell like milk or wash powder. But still, it is a riddle to me that Memento Waltz has no contract yet. They shall soon or I will leave the surface of the Earth to come back to my drow society, deep within the Underdark…

You can already order "Antithesis of Time" from the band's website. You will not regret it!


1. Through the Spiral Rise
2. Cosmic Illusion
3. Cyclonic Vision
4. Albert the Visitor
5. Antithesis of Time


Label: None
Distribution: Band site
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 25 February, 2011
Website: Memento Waltz @MySpace