Mindwarp Chamber
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 31 July, 2010
Playing time: 58:50

With their 2008 debut, Mindwarp Chamber immediately set the bar of their music at soaring heights. Surprisingly enough, with follow-up “Supernova” the band managed push things a notch further. To their credit, the band didn’t merely do another “Delusional Reality” – in fact “Supernova” seems to have a stronger organic presence than its predecessor.

This time around band has generally tempered heaviness and rawness in favour of a more Progressive edge. This is not to say that there’s any lack of crushing riffs or furious drumming. In fact, despite its sophistication and Jazzy undertones, the music still possesses a propensity to incite moshpits and collective headbanging at gigs. Another aspect I found most appealing is that Mindwarp Chamber have achieved an excellent balance between musicianship, songwriting quality and individuality. Yes, this album really has the best of all worlds and it’s going to be a daunting task to go one better next time.

There isn’t even the whiff of a filler here. For instance, ‘Still Water’ goes from a deceptively mundane riff to a hypnotic atmosphere broken by a cathartic chorus and a series of excellent solos from the band’s keyboardist and guitarist. ‘Last Ember Fades’ showcases, amongst other things, the eclectic talents of guitarist Mike Cerna. ‘Icons Of Evil’ sounds like a song taken from the recording sessions of Symphony X’s “V” or “Odyssey” – and there’s no harm in showing one’s allegiances as long as its done properly…which is what Mindwarp Chamber here do. ‘On The Mend’ is recommended listening in company of a cold beer (or wine) while the listener lets the passing of time go about its own business. With music like this, I’m really surprised that Mindwarp Chamber aren’t more of a household name.

If the band plays its cards right, I’ve no doubt Mindwarp Chamber will find fresh legions of willing ears, especially in Europe. “Supernova” is mandatory listening for any discerning Metal freak!


01. Supernova (8:35)
02. Closer to Heaven (7:24)
03. On the Mend (7:26)
04. Icons of Evil (6:17)
05. Last Ember Fades (6:06)
06. Out of Spite (6:55)
07. Stillwater (8:02)
08. The Final Act (8:05)

Label: Dark Star Records
Distribution: iTunes
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 25 November, 2011
Website: www.mindwarpchamber.net