Mindwarp Chamber
Delusional Reality
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 31 July, 2008
Playing time: 61:11

It’s a large pond out there and despite the dedication of The Power Of Metal staff, some fish – even big ones – do occasionally slip through our net. Case in point is Mindwarp Chamber, who had their full-length debut over 3 years ago with this “Delusional Reality”.

After having barely delved through the surface of the music, I’m already hooked. “Delusional Reality” boasts a fiery brand of Shadow Gallery / early Fates Warning / Symphony X type of Progressive Metal. In practical terms this means powerful riffs, sophisticated keyboard solos and the most solid rhythm section one could ever hope for. What’s more, vocalist Scott Huffman possesses an intense and versatile voice. Ha can scream in a James La Brie / Rob Halford sort-of-way, then shift into vitriolic mode with the slickness of a dancing eel.

‘Thought Saboteur’ possibly epitomises the raison d’Ítre of this album. It starts off with some dramatic and Classically-tinged keyboard wizardry followed by a series of riffs that are equally melodic and heavy as hell. Around half way through are some trade offs between keyboards and guitars - something that got me thinking of Dream Theater. The song also offers an opportunity for some classy interaction between bass player Brent Sullivan and drummer Paul Kilkenny.

In a nutshell, “Delusional Reality” is an album I enthusiastically recommend.


01. Snowdevil Sleeps (8:26)
02. Precious Time (6:37)
03. Through Crimson Shores (7:18)
04. Thought Saboteur (7:19)
05. Against The Wish (8:15)
06. Skeptic’s Eye (Kill the Weak) (6:10)
07. Return To Dust (10:55)
08. Closing The Chapter (6:31)

Label: Netherworld Records
Distribution: Netherworld Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 25 November, 2011
Website: www.mindwarpchamber.net