Malison Rouge
Malison Rouge
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 25 March, 2011
Playing time: 39:28

My expectations were high when I put Malison Rouge's self-titled debut album on because the info sheet states that their sound can be described as mix between Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Fates Warning. Quite an interesting cocktail if you ask me...

So can they live up to the hype? Is there hope for us suckers, who still love to put on an old Queensryche, Lethal or Deadly Blessing album every now and then?

And the answer is; Yes, they can!

The high pitched vocals of Zeb bring back some fond memories of when Geoff Tate, Tom Mallicoat and Norman Kiersznowski (Ski) were on top of their game and the grunge wave hadn't swept the metal scene away. Malison Rouge brings the same virtues to the table and sound like the past 20 years haven't existed, but no worry they do not sound dated or boring. Sure it might not be very original, but they stick to a formula that once worked extremely well and with great success I might add.

Malison Rouge takes us back in time with an album that has the time signatures of a time that once were, played with a lot of conviction and wrapped in a production of today (thankfully). "Malison Rouge" is first class US Metal transferred into the new millennium.

Well done!

01. Friend or Foe?
02. The Pain You Cause
03. The Griever
04. My Mistakes
05. This Lonely Road
06. Scars
07. We're All Born Sinners
08. Everything Fades
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 25 February, 2011