Brace for Impact
Style: Melodic Rock/Metal
Release date: 17 June, 2011
Playing time: 52:49

German/Italian melodic metal band Love.Might.Kill is the creation of drummer Michael Ehré (Firewind, Uli Jon Roth, Metalium). Their use of ’70s and ’80s metal influences come to the forefront on their debut release, Brace for Impact, through Massacre Records. Thirteen melodic metal tracks in the vein of classic Whitesnake, Rainbow, Dio and Scorpions make up the album, which was produced by Ehré and mixed by Markus Teske (Saga, Vanden Plas, Spock’s Beard).

One of Love.Might.Kill’s strengths lie within lead vocalist Jan Manenti, who sounds like a young (and even recent) David Coverdale. Another strength is their songwriting, which is full of melodic vocal harmonies, huge choruses and great guitar solos. They have a direct approach to melody without shunning heaviness.

There are some great bluesy guitar leads and crunchy riffs from duo Stefan Ellerhorst and Christian Stöver. The band’s infectious hooks and harmonies are tremendous, while keyboards are used sparingly, only to add accents and atmosphere.

This is a catchy, kick ass rock album full of melody and well-crafted songs, just like the masters did it back in the day.


01. Tomorrow Never Comes
02. Calm Before the Storm
03. Pretty Little Mess
04. Caught in a Dream
05. Through the Dawn
06. Brace for Impact
07. We are the Weak
08. Down to Nowhere
09. Pray to your God
10. Reach Out
11. The Answer
12. Will Love Remain

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: 2 June, 2011