Limbonic Art
Style: Symphonic Black Metal
Release date: 19 July, 2010
Playing time: 71:02

Without loosening its grip from the symphonic dimensions of black-metal, the face of Limbonic Art anno 2010 is more rocked than before.

Phantasmagoria is the now one-man band's 7th full-length since 1997's Moon in the Scorpio, a record that had revolutioned the genre, pushing the limits of extravagance stated among others by big brother Emperor from their start. In this new release, the straight-to-the-point sound has more drive than ever, and there is also a more characteristic or basic Norwegian sound at times. The record is indeed open towards new musical dimensions, the riffs are more stripped and ferocious but also repetitive from track to track.

This record is Limbonic Art's first release as a one-man band, hence focused one single person's means of expression and inspiration; the fact that Daemon is the remaining protagonist and composer of Phantasmagoria is interesting, as he, as the first founder of the band, finally comes out of the shadows; until the last album Limbonic Art was driven by the duo Daemon / Morpheus, the latter being seen as the frontman and main actor in the band.

Composition has always been one of Limbonic Art's main strengths, and again this last album is a success in this matter.

01. Prologue/ Phantasmagoria (5:03)
02. Crypt of Bereavement (5:53)
03. Curse of the Necromancer (6:22)
04. Portal to the Unknown (4:23)
05. Dark Winds (5:41)
06. A World in Pandemonium (6:43)
07. Flight of the Minds Eye (3:49)
08. Apocalyptic Manifestation (4:02)
09. Prophetic Dreams (5:41)
10. The Burning Vortex (6:55)
11. A Black Sphere of Serenity (8:24)
12. Astral Projection (8:14)
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 10 April, 2011