Legions of War
Riding with the Blitz
Style: Blackened thrash war metal
Release date: 2011
Playing time: 10:00

Two songs isn't quite enough to judge on, methinks, but I can still tell you what I think of this output, however limited in scale.

Swedish thrashers Legions of War have one full-length behind them, and I take it this CD single is a warm-up for the next full effort. The two songs on here are promising indeed. Good energy, entertaining, fun.

The title track is a curious blend of Bathory sound and Manowar progressions. Underground and mainstream in an odd mix, but not without its charm.

Second track, Shellshocks, surprises by having a lot in common with the OverKill formula for writing music. Punk influenced metal with a very cachy refrain, and, again, with a gritty underground feel.

Confusing, surprising, but all in all entertaining and quite good. Looking forward to hear more!


01. Riding with the Blitz



Label: L.O.W. Productions
Distribution: Infernö Records
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 28 November, 2011
Website: www.legionsofwar.se