Leaves' Eyes
Style: Symphonic Metal
Release date: 22 April, 2011
Playing time: 54:00

Thomas: 'Doctor, I believe I have multiple personalities.'

Doctor Landau: 'Is that so, Mister Nielsen? How come?'

Thomas: 'I just published a review of Macabre's first EP and gave it a top rating.'

Doctor Landau: 'Well, yes, that's a fairly irrational thing to do, but it doesn't really hint at multiple personalites, merely very bad taste...'

Thomas: 'But, doctor, you don't understand...I'm about to publish another review. I'm...I also like the new Leaves' Eyes album!'

Doctor Landau: 'What?!? You like Macabre AND Leaves' Eyes?! My God! That is not a case of multiple personalities, that's pure insanity! I will not let you off before you have explained to me what you experience!'

Thomas: 'It's just that...I can see that what the Norwegian bird Liv Kristine and her Teutonic hubby Alex do is way beyond the cheese limit, and that they have made a lot of music that I really didn't like - but, I can't help thinking that this album has a certain groove. Moreover, I don't know if it's because of the time I spent in Scotland as a student, but I'm a sucker for bagpipes and fiddles. The band have also chosen to do a cover of 'To France' by Mike Oldfield...and I...I always liked Mike Oldfield a lot. And it's a cool and heavy version, methinks!'

Doctor Landau: 'This is revolting. Do go on.'

Thomas: 'Yes, yes, I know this is an easy point for someone like Alex Krull who has experience with covering 80s pop, and, well, I was a teenager during the 80s as well. Can't let it go, doctor, I can't!'

Doctor Landau (takes notes with feverish eagerness).

Thomas: 'The production is perfect for symphonic metal music. It's warm, bombastic and rounded, yet with enough sharpness to let all instruments stand out in suitable doses. The reverb on Liv's voice is overdone here and there, but on the whole it sounds good. The inclusion of guest singers Carmen Elise Espenæs, Anette Guldbrandsen, John Kelly and Maite Itoiz add to the diversity of the vocal expression of the album which for me is a definite positive, since Liv's voice alone easily becomes a tad too sweet. I think it's a powerful release that combines good production with diverse music and talented voices. The genres of symphonic metal and folk are breached in a way I like a lot.'

Doctor Landau: 'I must admit that you do show hints of at least two personalities. Do are sure that you like Macabre too? Or that one of you do?'

Thomas: 'Yes. I'm certain of it. Did I mention that I think this would be recommended for fans of Nightwish, Midnattssol and other symphonic outfits with female voice in the foreground?'

Doctor Landau: 'No, you didn't. Mister Nielsen, I know a place, a sanitarium where you can find rest and peace for a while. It is my firm belief that you need it...both of you, so to speak. Let me call the nurse. She will take care of you.'

Thomas: 'Yes, yes, I suppose it's best that way. Can't like both Macabre and Leaves' Eyes, no, no, won't work, no, no, no. Won't do, no, no.'

Doctor Landau: 'There, there, Mister Nielsen, let Nurse Missy show you out, they'll come for you very, very soon.'

Thomas: 'Yes, will go with Missy, will go with Missy. Is that you, Missy?'


01. Spirit's Masquerade (6:29)
02. Étaín (3:58)
03. Velvet Heart (3:42)
04. Kråkevisa (4:34)
05. To France (4:37)
06. Meredead (5:19)
07. Sigrlinn (8:49)
08. Mine Tåror er ei Grimme (2:53)
09. Empty Horizon (4:56)
10. Veritas (0:50)
11. Nystev (4:40)
12. Tell-Tale Eyes (3:55)

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 87/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 23 April, 2011
Website: www.leaveseyes.de