League of Lights
League of Lights
Style: Melodic Rock/80s pop
Release date: 11 April, 2011
Playing time: 41:43

League of Lights is a side project involving keyboard player Richard West (Threshold) and something he has been writing for and working on together with vocalist Farrah West for a long time, but didn't take off for real until 2008 and now they've recorded their self titled debut. Ruud Jolie  (Within Temptation) is handling the guitars, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) takes care of the drums while the bass position is filled by Jerry Meehan (Robbie Williams and Brian Ferry).

The soft and fragile voice of Farrah West is the signature of the band; her style has a lot of similarities with the English 80s female pop scene and she is the star of the show here. Not that the musicians or music leave anything to be desired for; this is a first class product at in every aspect: production, song writing, deliverance and final result.

The ten soft and gentle melodic rock anthems with a strong 80s pop flair do all have hit-potential and should be like sweet honey for melodic rock fans around the globe. "League of Lights" is a very pleasant surprise and an album I recommend you give a listen...


01. I'm Alive (5:51)
02. Cover Me Now (3:43)
03. Last Sunset (3:35)
04. Half Light (4:04)
05. Ambertown (3:59)
06. You Light My Way (4:37)
07. Don't Leave Me Behind (4:01)
08. Anime (4:15)
09. Cool of the Day (2:30)
10. Heaven Sent a Star (5:07)

Label: Eightspace
Distribution: www.leagueoflights.com
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 22 May, 2011
Website: www.leagueoflights.com