Finis Terrae
Style: Pagan/Black Metal
Release date: 8 April, 2011
Playing time: 67:50

Strange band this Kromlek. They use several languages such as German, English and Swedish, but it is for the biggest part in German. They are a pagan black folk metal band. The music is heavy and for most of the time leaning closer to black metal than folk, they don't use the usual flutes and polka beats a lot, like most of the bands in this genre do. The black metal influences lay on top and that makes them different from the general folk bands. Sometimes the band Catamenia isn't far away.

Not all the songs are of the same high quality and the guitar riffs could have been a bit more inspiring and interesting. Another aspect is that they use influences from several other genres as well. This combination does make Kromlek not your 13 in a dozen band, but a welcome player in the market. They were supported by Mark and Joris (members of Heidevolk) and Equilibrium's mastermind René Berthiaume - all three do some vocal stuff. Especially the seventh song does remind me of the band Heidevolk, this song is one of the most folky songs on the album. The title track is a more than 15 minutes long track that has all the Kromlek elements in it. After that track I think you will push the repeat all button and experience the ride once again.

This could be an album that is interesting for the open minded black metal fans as well as the open minded folk metal fans. They are perhaps a little too black for the softer folk fans and maybe too soft for the general black fan, but for me it was the best of both worlds.


01. Iron Age Prelude
02. Nekropolis Fall
03. Angrilóö
04. The Cocoon
05. Mantikor
06. Manjushri aus Mir
07. Mortivrvs Immortalis
08. Ad Rvbiconem
09. Bastion
10. Creation's Crowning Glory
11. Metropolitan Roots                                       12. Egophaneia                                                  13. Finis Terrae

Label: SMP/Trollzorn Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 4 April, 2011