King Kobra
King Kobra
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 15 April, 2011
Playing time: 52:25

Some comebacks make perfectly sense, others make you think OK why not and then there those that make you think: ohh no! This one made me think; why not and I put the record on with an open mind, hoping King Kobra is be back with an album as strong as their two first album. The line-up is almost identical: David Michael-Philips (Guitars), Mick Sweda (Guitars), Johnny Rod (Bass) and Carmine Appice (Drums), the only one not returning is Mark Free (or Marcie Free as she is known today), who has been replaced by Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot etc.).

This self-titled album is a blast from the past; it has the energy and power from the 80s - party rock with a good vibe. Twelve well balanced rock songs with all the clichés that goes with the genre, yet it doesn't sound that much like old King Kobra, mostly because Paul Shortino's voice sounds nothing like Mark Free did back in the mid-80s.

"King Kobra" is a solid comeback; one that will find it's listeners among fans of classic American Hard Rock fans 80s style (is there any other...). The commercial success will most likely very limited for them, but that's due to changing in the marked, not to the quality of the music.


01. Rock This House
02. Turn Up the Good Times
03. Live Forever
04. Tear Down the Wall
05. This Is How We Roll
06. Midnight Woman
07. We Got a Fever
08. Top of the World
09. You Make It Easy
10. Crying Turns to Rain
11. Screamin' for More
12. Fade Away

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 9 April, 2011