Style: Death Metal
Release date: 1 January, 2011
Playing time: 22:15

This is smashing and fast death metal. The rhythm is punk. Low (death) and high (thrash) vocals. Dublin. Ireland. Five men met in the right time at the right place when the first impulses of KILLFACE have been born.  ‘This world it works in mysterious ways…’ as the opening track of the debut EP starts.

The other songs from the release offer more diversity. The guys are not afraid from the slow passages. In fact the whole track ‘Miserable’ is slow, but do not expect to hear BLACK SABBATH! It is slow death metal and even there is a part of the sound of the funeral doom metal. The long third and fourth songs are complex, and the fast and slow parts infiltrate one to another. There are successful thrash riffs performed in a rather aggressive manner. The fast heavy parts carry the mood of the early recordings of MASTER. There is admiration toward the old-school thrash and death metal bands but the combination of the elements imparts contemporary sound to the band. The punk drums bring something from the atmosphere of NAPALM DEATH. The thrash elements could be compared to THE HAUNTED and INRAGE.

The music of KILLFACE is not multi-gendered but it contains lots of components pleasantly combined. This is the way I imagine that the real debut EP should sound. It proposes many directions for development. It cannot bother you in any case. The lyrics of the songs are full of sense. So, give them a listen! The whole EP is uploaded in the MySpace profile of the band. And if you like it you have the chance to buy a remarkable digi-pack release!


01. Dysfunctional
02. Miserable
03. Years of Gore
04. Hacked to Death


Label: Unsigned
Promotion: Lugga Music Productions
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: 5 January, 2011