Jonathan Davis and the SFA
Alone I Play - Live at the Union Chapel
Style: Korn-ish, ethnic style
Release date: 22 August, 2011
Playing time: 78:00

When the sticker on the CD says something like 'a unique live experience', my alarm bells immediately go off. In many instances this means one thing: A label PR person realises that being there was absolutely fantastic, but for those who weren't fortunate enough to be present on the evening, it's just not going to be the same at all.

Hats off to Davis for doing this. I think it's a marvellous idea to bring the nu-metal he and the rest of Korn were so instrumental in defining together with ethnic, Middle Eastern sounds and a set of very different musicians. The Simply Fucking Amazings are, I think, quite amazing, that much is true.

Judging from the accompanying DVD, I'm also certain that the Brits present that night in 2008 had a very special evening, and more power to them. The cries of 'We love you, Jonathan' and generel adoration of Davis is plentiful!

Personally, I find it hard to sense the magic. Yes, I'm a wet blankt now, I realise that, but please let me explain why the magic isn't there for me.

I like a lot of the music Korn has done. I saw Korn live a couple of time over the years, and I enjoyed it. Both shows were entertaining and special in their own ways, most notably at With Full Force some years back, where I was really impressed.

The problem for me is, and this may sound like a paradox, that Davis draws too much attention. He's got a talented bunch around him, but for me this becomes the cult of Jonathan rather than a real band effort. Yes, yes, I know, he's the big name, and they're not so much names, but still. When Davis does a duet with Shenkar, the former falls through if you ask me. He just can't sing in that style! And when they play the violins, if you notice, Davis plays two tones, whereas Shenkar actually plays! I pretentious can one get. It would suit him to take one more step back and blend in with the great band and let them dominate more.

I appreciate a lot of the material and the musicality on this CD (and DVD), but, to be honest, 78 minutes is a long time when you weren't there or if you don't worship Jonathan.

Mostly for Jonathan Davis fans - now you're warned.


01. System
Last Legal Drug
4 U
Hey Daddy
Alone I Break
Slept so long
Kick the P.A.
Not Meant for Me
Hold On
12. Careless
13. Redeemer
14. Got the Life
15. Falling Away
16. From Me

Label: Music in Motion
Promotion: CMM GmbH
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 21 September, 2011