Werner Nabolny's Jane
The Journey I - The Best of Jane '70 - '80
Style: Krautrock
Release date: 11 November, 2011
Playing time: 64:24

Krautrock is the name of a genre that emerged in the late 60s in Germany, the movement didn't have any boundaries and included bands that had ambient, electronic, new age and psychedelic backgrounds. Off-springs count as varied bands as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Eloy, Kraan and Amon Düül so there really wasn't any limitations back then.

This brings us up to today and Werner Nabolny’s Jane. Jane belonged in the rockier end of the Krautrock spectre and their style must have been experimental and spacey back in the days. The synthesizers are what take us on a journey into mushroom land; the psychedelic flavour is ever presents and combined with some fine guitar riffs it doesn't sound too outdated. But compared to today's standard there really isn't much on offer here.

Founding member Werner Nabolny has taken it upon himself to transport the legacy into this millennium and have recruited new partner's in crime to do so, have re-recorded the old classics and the result will surely be a nice surprise for fans of a long lost and forgotten genre. Does it bring anything worth mentioning for your "normal" rock fan, nah I doubt it.

For those who remember Jane, others should take a careful listen before deciding!


1. All My Friends
2. Lady
3. Daytime
4. Fire, Water, Earth & Air
5. Way to Paradise
6. Out in the Rain
7. Windows / Spain / Love Your Life
8. Back Again

Label: SAOL/H'Art/Zebralution
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Promotion: CMM GmbH
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 22 November, 2011
Website: jane-band.com