Storm Over Sea
Style: Progressive/Folk Metal
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 55:43

Storm over Sea is the second full-length album from the Australian Metallers, Ironwood. The album is currently out for free distribution and is easily available for download from the band's official website. They may surely gather a lot of listeners this way, but of course, the album is still in question...

They attain some slower songs that lack many details to really hold your attention, a little too bland and wearisome for my taste. Perhaps I've set my expectations too high, for they posses the word 'Progressive' in their description. I understand they're trying to go for this diverse sound, but in the end it results in a clutter and disordered manner.

There isn't much to say. It's not solid enough and quite amateurish to be perfectly honest. It has it's moments when the harsh vocals are used with the heavy riffings. The clean vocals were unlikeable, it just doesn't cut it for me for some reason. They could work on that whole department and it might just be a finer album.


1. Hail Sign (03:30)
2. Infinite Sea (11:22) 
3. Arctic Tern (03:46) 
4. Weather the Storm (11:20) 
5. Share the Burden (03:16) 
6. Will to Live (03:49) 
7. A Bond to Sever (11:32) 
8. When it's All Over (07:08)

Label: Independent
Promotion: Clawhammer PR
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: 25 February, 2011