No State of Grace
Style: Cyber/tech metal
Release date: 1 March, 2011
Playing time: 40:00

This is one of the cases where the cover cheats me everytime I put the disc in the player. The cover signals...I don't know, black metal, or...I'm not sure. But what the first song sounds like is more like Fear Factory if anything.

'No State of Grace' from Polish Iperyt is in many ways a refreshing take on extreme metal with it's full-on battery assualt on the eardrums. It has a no-nonsense, we-don't-give-a-shit attitude, a harsh and cold sound which has lent a lot from black metal without quite being it. You cannot accuse the Poles of lifting the foot from the pedal in any way, and they definitely deserve attention for putting together an underground battering ram like this.

That say, the song writing does lack coherence and a real red thread, and for me personally, it's a bit much with the enduring mechanical blast drumming. I certainly see the qualities in this album, but it's not one that'll come back to my disc player very often, I'm afraid.

Try it - for fans of the extreme!


01. No State of Grace
Scars are Sexy
A Pocket Size of Armageddon
Antihuman Hate Generator
Blades of Malice and Scorn
The Antithesis
Keep Your Eyes Closed
Into the Mouth of Madness
Nuclear Mornings
The Player
In Morbid Rapture

Label: Witching Hour Productions
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 25 December, 2011
Website: www.iperyt.pl