Infinity Overture
The Infinite Overture, Part 1
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 21 January, 2011
Playing time: 62:00

Infinity Overture or more correct Niels Vejlyt is back with album number 2: "The Infinite Overture, Part 1".

And there has been a complete replacement of the crew, only Niels remains from the line-up from the first album. New front siren is Kimmie Tenna Nielsen, who takes the centre stage in the new sound. A sound that has taken a drastic step away from the symphonic power metal from the first album. The new material is guitar driven progressive metal songs blended very well with gothic textures.

The change in style also meant Niels felt the need to get a new rhythm section: Bernardo Fesch (Bass) and Jakob Vand (Drums) were brought in to make sure the musicianship was high enough to bring out the best of the new material as well as being able to recreate the music live on stage.

The new sound and direction is a bit darker and a lot more accessible, leaving the complexity from the first album behind. Not the direction I had anticipated and I must admit I needed quite a few spins before it began to sit right with me. Not that the compositions are bad, just that the sound is so different, it's almost like listening to a new band...

If you loved the first Infinity Overture then I am sure you like me need some form of adjustment to come to terms with the new sound, but looking at it as a music fan then I must admit this is a fine piece of progressive metal and Kimmie is a very talented vocalist and her style, which isn't that remote from Sharon den Adel's, fit the new material very well. Niels Vejlyt has taken Infinity Overture on a journey into untested waters with a new sound, brilliant guitar work and a new style!

The appearance of some special guests makes this even more special, and the mix and mastering is once more done by Sascha Paeth, which in the end results in a very well produced piece of metal.

01. The Hunger (4:49)
02. The Stand (4:28)
03. Angels (5:55)
04. Evernight (4:46)
05. Secrets (5:00)
06. Back from the Past (4:59)
07. Smoke and Mirrors (5:01)
08. The Infinite Overture, Part 1 (7:16)
09. Darkness of Mind (5:04)
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 4 January, 2011