Images of Eden
Rebuilding the Ruins
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 1 March, 2011
Playing time: 73:42

American based progressive metal band Images of Eden delivers their third record. Over 73 minutes of progressive music is what we get. There is nothing wrong with that, although the links with Dream Theater, Symphony X, Rush and Queensryche have the upper hand, they never sound like a real clone. Technical, complex but still rather accessible music with nice choruses is the description of their style.

Dennis Mullin delivers nice guitar parts and the songs are nicely written and arranged. The weakest spot in my opinion is the vocals of Gordon Tittsworth (also in Dread the Forsaken). His singing is just not powerful enough and sometimes sounds a bit fragile. With a singer of a higher calibre this would be a real hammer, but now it just can't convince me completely.

However, if you get used to him, then the album is above average and Images of Eden is a band you definitely have to get acquainted with. So many minutes of good music can never be wrong. Worth checking out! With a better singer I would have added 10 points easily.


01. Crosses in the Sand
02. Human Angels
03. Tribal Scars
04. Dreams Unbroken
05. Sorrow's End
06. Rebuilding the Ruins
07. My Stigmata
08. Native to His Land
09. Children of Autumn
10. On Elevated Ground
11. Sunlight of the Spirit part IV - Images of Eden

Label: Nightmare Records
Distribution: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 28 February, 2011