Human Void
Era Zero
Style: Electro Metal
Release date: 20 December, 2010
Playing time: 42:18

In the promo material this was labelled: the “Debut album from the new Italian reality, combining the extreme metal with razorsharp electro/industrial layers”. I’m not even sure what that means, but I was expecting something along the lines of the last few Trollheim’s Grott albums or perhaps something in the veins of Anaal Nathrakh. At least a notch of Count Nosferatu Kommando.

The disappointments begin in the very first song! The all-electro intro takes two minutes to evolve into music (though annoyingly it is all one long track). The intro builds up to the expected crescendo that we all know and love, only for the song to fall abruptly to the ground where it lies as a withering mass of broken limbs for five minutes before it is mercifully put to sleep.

The general song structure does nothing for the mix of industrial and metal, but actually separates the two into run-of-the-mill metal parts (verse and chorus) and pure softcore electro (intro, outros, bridges). The most bile-inducing use of this segregation is in the all-electronic… thing… Poison Butterfly, that will make your life three minutes shorter and nothing else.

The lyrics is completely weird and has a strong Google Translate smell to them. Here’s an example from the song Extinction: ”Death of every member of the globe / Death of the last [something something] / There are no surviving individuals / [something that sounds like ”dead or eightball glow”]”
It does nothing for those lyrics that the pronunciation of the lead singer has more in common with a Bela Lugosi character than anything else. So, read the above examples again, with some sort of over-dramatized romantic villain lip-sync in mind, and try not to laugh… Then again, I’m a bit impressed with a band that actually tries to get ”anti corona magnetic field” into a song.

This is pretty much a boring album, made by fairly OK musicians, but ruined by all of the above.


1. Extinction (07:30)
2. Coronal Mass Ejection (04:02)
3. Self Human Combustion (04:32)
4. Critical Mind (01:15)
5. Acid Rain (05:15)
6. (Tunguska) (03:50)
7. Human Void (05:23)
8. Poison Butterfly (03:09)
9. Metamorphosis 07:22

Label: Crush and Burn Records
Promotion: Gatti Promotion
Reviewed by: Martin Schjnning
Date: 11 April, 2011