Misanthropic Slaughter
Style: Thrash Metal / Extreme-Core
Release date: 27 May, 2011
Playing time: 49:23

Located in Arizona this quintet releases its full-length debut. The band founded in 2007 devotes its creative works to classic thrash metal and in 2008 the guys released their EP “Who Need A Shepherd?”. Two songs from this EP are included in the current release “Misanthropic Slaughter”.


The style of HEMOPTYSIS developed and caught on in itself different influences. The aggressive thrash/death riffs are softened by some rather melodic passages which are closer to heavy metal gender. The aggressive vocals of Masaki Murashita (guitars and vocals) are performed as for contemporary black metal band. This eclectic of the lodgments has not achieved unique style. This could be noticed in some quotes from big names in heavy and thrash metal.


HEMOPTYSIS go along with problems in finding a second guitar player. “Misanthropic Slaughter” is recorded with Ryan Miller from not quite active death metallers from Arizona EXCESSIVE BLEEDING. The lead guitar player and the bass player have Japonese parentage which reflected in their creative works – the free quoting of rather different and sometimes even contradictory sub-genders in metal is typical for the Eastern-Pacific region. Black, heavy, thrash and death are melted in an extreme storm which as a final result does not bring precise message and has no own face. It is nice that there is not anything modern or too melodic in the vocals.


The album of HEMOPTYSIS is pleasant for listening. The multi-specified inspirations are mixed in an easy for listening approach. But definitely there is a lack of originality. If you like to find new music and you have no pretensions for one gender -  you can try “Misanthropic Slaughter”.


01.    Misanthropic Slaughter
02.    Hopeless
03.    M.O.D.
04.    Impending Doom
05.    And the World Dies
06.    Interlude
07.    The Cycle
08.    Blood Storm
09.    Shadow of Death
10.    Hadephobia
11.    End of Sorrow

Label: Rock It Up Records
Distribution: Rock It Up Records
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 2 July, 2011