Style: Black Metal
Release date: 10 January, 2011
Playing time: 45:00 & 48:31

I shall begin with a precision: The two albums Sól I – Der Dorn im Nebel and Sól II – Zweige der Erinnerung, released separately, also offer an artbook edition of Sól that is to be regarded as the band's principal offering; it unites both records and contains a 50-page large-format book which expands the song lyrics into the dimensions of a classic drama and presents exclusive illustrations and a preface by Skald Draugir. 

Helrunar were already calling for attention with their 2003 demo Grátr and their two first albums have contributed to give them a renown from early on. The first chords of Sól let cling no more than the fact that Helrunar is rock solid and a patriarch to a new wave of international black-metal. 

Lyrics-wise, Helrunar's aim with Sól is nothing less than the attempt to revive mythical language and contents, thus opening up a whole new approach of handling mythical symbols and subject matter. Helrunar transfer this spiritual, at times surreal narrative style, to the dynamics of their 100-minutes opus, effortlessly transcending the dogma-riddled genre.

Beware! The oppressiveness and credibility detected on Sól redefine the standards of pagan black metal.


Sól I – Der Dorn im Nebel
01. Gefrierpunkt
02. Kollapsar
03. Unter dem Gletscher
04. Nebelspinne
05. Praeludium Eclipsis
06. Tiefer als der Tag
07. Nur Fragmente...
08. Ende 1.3

Sól II – Zweige der Erinnerung
01. Europa nach dem Eis
02. Aschevolk
03. Die Mühle
04. Rattenkönig
05. Moorgänger
06. Lichtmess
07. Sól

Label: Lupus Lounge
Distribution: Propehcy Productions
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 16 August, 2011
Website: www.helrunar.com