The Symbolist
Style: Epic Heavy Metal
Release date: 7 February, 2011
Playing time: 53:15

Heathendom had made a very strong debut with “Nescience” in 2008, thus asserting themselves as major players within the Metal panorama. The band has opted for some bold changes in their music for sophomore effort “The Symbolist”.

Production-wise, the sound is more polished than before but the music still manages to be darker and heavier. Moreover, in “The Symbolist” the quantity of guitar solos has decreased significantly with the band pinning the impact of their compositions on riffs. On paper this should be in conflict with the Classic slant the band’s music has always possessed. In reality, with “The Symbolist” Heathendom not only hold on tight to their roots but also manage to sound more contemporary. Without a doubt, the changes undergone since their debut have been for the better.

A perfect illustration of all this would be the title-track with its tight riffing that exhibits the dynamics of Thrash Metal. Looking at the album with a wider lens, one cannot fail to identify the 3 major influences (that might or might not be intentionally so) dominating “The Symbolist”: Candlemass, Manilla Road and King Diamond. And on that front little has changed with Heathendom. Comparing Dimitris Koutsouvelis to the real King of Denmark is not something to be done lightly but Heathendom’s vocalist is indeed deserving of that reference. One track in particular - ‘Black Euphoria’ – is a throwback to the time of “Them” and “The Oath”. Lyrically, “The Symbolist” seems interested in mental anguish at the hands of abusive and intimidating social norms. True to the album’s title, the writing style is replete with symbolisms, allegories and alliterations.

Heathendom have raised the bar for themselves this time around and topping “The Symbolist” is going to be tough.

Link to a video-clip of “The Symbolist” title-track:


01. Endistancement by the Null Position
02. Alternate Sickness
03. The Symbolist
04. My Obedience
05. Black Euphoria
06. Sanctified
07. The Concept of Reason
08. Die Insane
09. Prescience of the End
10. An Angel a Demon and a Dying God

Label: Metal On Metal Records
Distribution: Metal On Metal Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 4 April, 2011
Website: www.heathendom.gr