Hardcore Superstar
Split Your Lip
Style: Sleaze Metal
Release date: 26 November, 2010
Playing time: 41:04

I have always had a soft spot for sleaze metal, and Hardcore Superstar is in my opinion the frontrunner among the new and upcoming bands. They wear their influences on the outside and stay faithful to the traditions and trademarks that make this genre so vibrant.

On "Split Your Lip" they continue at what they do best; play energetic, raw and sleazy metal. Sure they lyric are packed with clichés, what else would you expect? The combination of memorable choruses and Jocke's harsh voice has never sounded better, and the album is packed with brilliant sleazy songs. My personal favourites include the excellent in-your-face stomper "Split Your Lip", the rather special sounding first single: "Moonshine" and the album does end on a very high note with the soon to be live favourite: "Honeymoon" and what stands for me as one the strongest ballads in a long time "Run to Your Mama"

Perfect party album!

01. Sadistic Girls
02. Guestlist
03. Last Call for Alchohol
04. Split Your Lip
05. Moonshine
06. Here Comes That Sick Bitch
07. What Did I Do
08. Bully
09. Won't Go to Heaven
10. Honeymoon
11. Run to Your Mama
Label: Nuclear Blast / Gain Records
Distribution: Warner Music Danmark
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 1 January, 2011
Website: www.hardcoresuperstar.com