Style: Pagan Metal
Release date: 29 April, 2011
Playing time: 58:17

What can I say about the umpteenth German Folk/Pagan band? After 4 albums I expect more from a band. All the things they do in the songs have been done before and for a bigger part even better; majestic heroic parts, folk elements, fast black metal parts, etc. The musicians aren't virtuosi, but they are decent musicians, but not more than that. The songs have German lyrics like so many of their colleagues and the song writing is mediocre too.

Add a vocalist with a sound usual in this genre; harsh, grunting, clean, whispering and screaming and the circle is complete. Combining folk, pagan and black metal can be very interesting, but in someway this band doesn't convince me. The production could have been a tad better too and all together makes this a rather redundant album for me. The keyboard parts make a few songs a bit more interesting and easier to listen to, but that will not save the day for them. Another thing is the length of the songs, in my opinion they could have been a bit shorter. Nevertheless I think there will be readers that will like this band, at least if you are into their style. To them I want to say, just listen to their MySpace on the internet.

An album with no face and already done by so many others, a repeat of steps already taken.


01. Offenbarung
02. Weltenbrand
03. Einsam
04. Blinde Wut
05. Thursenhain
06. Freyas Schoss
07. Sturmbringer
08. Schlachtenbruder
09. Die Banner hoch der Nacht entgegen

Label: SMP/Trollzorn Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 27 April, 2011