Gallows Pole
Waiting for the Mothership
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 9 September, 2011
Playing time: 45:08

This is a cool and in the same time confusing album from a band from Vienna in Austria.

Gallows Pole is not a new band, they realesed their debut album in 1982 ("In Rock We trust") and now after 30 years of activity they left the sound from their lastest album ("Revolution", 2010) that was more of a main stream hard rock album. "Revolution" is a good album as well, but with "Waiting for the Mothership" they went back to the basics and returned to the 70s and the style is more adult prog rock la 1977. First time I listen to "Waiting for the Mothership" I was sure to give it a raiting of maximum 50, but I gave it some time and spent 5-6 times of listening with total concentration before I acceped the tracks and took them into my heart and mind.

It's complex but catchy at the same time. None of the tracks will ever be played on the commercial radio stations because this is mature and high quality solid 70s rock and it feels just like something I can enjoy even when I'm 70 years old. GP have made a timeless album that doesn't reach the top of the biggest selling albums this year, but in this genre it's something refreshing and different.
Alois Martin Bindler on vocals is not the best singer in the world, but he gives the band their unique sound and in the first and great first track 'Old Man Cry' it's got really heavy drums and alert guitars. 'Return to Paradise' is a softer track with harder middle section and in the over 7 minutes long 'Waiting for the Mothership', which is the best song on the album, there's great tempo changes and beautiful guitars. In 'Do you remember' I almost think that Bruce Springsteen is involved somewhere and the remaining tracks is not any uptempo songs for the party and the headbanging people.

But if you want to experience a back to basic rock album this is a good investment for you to put some dollars or euros on.


01: Old Man Cry
02: Return to Paradise
03: Waiting for the Mothership
04: Do You Remember
05: Area 51
06: A Big Mistake
07: The Universe Will Understand
08: Mothership is Coming

Label: Pure Rock Records
Distribution: Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 25 August, 2011