Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: 20 June, 2011
Playing time: 47:37

Swedish Fullforce consists of vocalist Mike Andersson (Cloudscape), Stefan Elmgren (ex-Hammerfall), C.J. Grimmark (ex Narnia) both guitar, Tommy Larsson (ex-Heed) on bass and finally Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex-Malmsteen) on drums. All musicians that have earned their stripes elsewhere and they know how to play their instrument. My expectations are rather high and most of the times I get a little disappointed then.

That's the case here also. The songs are decent melodic (power) metal tracks and although there is not a real keyboard player in their midst, they certainly appear on the album. This is an album that has the stamp average on it all the way. Average songs, average singer, no surprises etc. I have a dozen of this kind of CD's in my pile. Not a bad album, but I have heard it all too many times before.

Next time, try to be a bit more original and creative. A talented bunch of guys that have keep it too much on the safe side.


01. Mythomaniac
02. None of Your Concern
03. Heart and Soul
04. Oblivion
05. Open Your Eyes
06. Rain
Suffering in Silence
08. Walls of Secrets
09. Father Spirit
10. Bleed
11. Into the Cradle                                             12. Best of Times (iTunes bonus track)

Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Playground Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 June, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/fullforcesweden