Fright Night
The Play of Pain
Style: Goth/Darkwave
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 59:00

Goth/Darkwave music can be such a pleasure to listen to. The dark and grim atmosphere, goth eroticism, vampires and pale maidens. How can it not be fascinating?

It can also, sadly, be misunderstood and transgress a line that turns it all into cheese. Or just go bust in a flurry of lacking professionalism.

The Russian combo Fright Night has created something that I can best interpret as a piece of work that should have had much more time to develop. The kitsch line is transgressed constantly and in effect turns 'The Play of Pain' into an effort that is hard to endure at length.

At best, this is a pale shadow of Moonspell's more goth elements, and My Dying Bride too, but please don't think that there is any comparison in quality between the Portuguese and British masters and this band.

The two female members of Fright Night are beautiful, so at least the visuals are in place, but apart from that, 'The Play of Pain' is in my humble opinion not worth your precious time - it comes across as half-hearted and unauthentic.


01. His Death
The Letter of the End
The Blood
The Summon
We Will Go
Rainbow Demon
Two Roses
The Cross and the Pyre
Christopher Lee

Label: Jetnoise Records
Distribution: The Band
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 20th of February, 2011
Website: Fright Night @MySpace