Dragged to the Altar
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 26 April, 2011
Playing time: 46:21

Growling vocals, up-tempo grooving riffs Entombed style, that's what this band serves. Death 'n' roll like it should be played. Nothing wrong with that off course, but I miss the originality. I don't hear anything that adds something to this style. This band was formed in 2003 by vocalist Hook and bass-player Valmer and after a demo they got signed by Ibex Moon Records.

If you like this style there isn't a lot to criticize if it wasn't for the average song-writing. There isn't a single track that's special or one that makes me excited. All tracks have a groove, but after a while the songs do not differ enough to keep me focused. For a debut this isn't bad, but I hope that the band will explore their style and try to be more than an average death 'n' roll grooving machine.

Not bad for a debut record, but that's about it.


01. Once Inside the Tomb
02. Altar of Necromancy
03. Judas
04. Welcome to the Graveyard
05. Howling
06. The Deathbog
07. Graverobber
08. The Curse of the Casket
09. Behead the Crucifix
10. Malevolent Summoning
11. Outro

Label: Ibex Moon Records
Promotion: Clawhammer PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 20 April, 2011
Website: www.myspace.com/feralswe